WISH and ACM at Cal Poly are presenting the iOS App Challenge. You'll have a weekend to make an iOS app and Apple will have engineers on-site to answer your technical questions.

The iOS App Challenge is coming to SLO!  This is an awesome opportunity for you to learn Objective-C or hone your skills while competing for awesome prizes and having one-on-one time with Apple engineers.

Everything gets started with the kick-off meeting on Friday evening, October 18th where we will reveal the details of the competition and guidelines for the app. Before then, you should start reviewing the documentation at http://developer.apple.com. Figure out Xcode and start learning Objective-C so you can hit the ground running on October 18th. Any of the code you write now CANNOT be used in the competition but you can still start learning!

Apple engineers will be on-site at Cal Poly throughout the weekend with junk food and answers to your questions when you get stuck.

The deadline to submit your completed app is Sunday, October 20th, 2013 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

The following evening, Monday, October 21st, we'll have an event where we invite all Cal Poly students and faculty and friends to see your creation. You'll be given 3 minutes to demo your app on stage and then the judges will deliberate.

Register today!  You will receive an e-mail confirmation with details about what to study before the kick-off event.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at challenge@apple.com.

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This competition is open to students in the California State University system only (which includes Cal Poly and other UC schools).


Submit a working .xcodeproj, zipped up, to ChallengePost with your submission.  A logo or icon representing your app is also required as part of the submission.

How to enter

Click then link to register here then watch your e-mail for updates.


SLO iOS App Challenge Judging Panel

SLO iOS App Challenge Judging Panel

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of idea
  • Technically challenging implementation
  • Final demo and presentation