Bright House

WINNER: Second Place

Bright House is a new kind of tool for elementary educators. Two of the app's three creators have parents working in the educational field -- one teaching multiple classes of kindergarten and one instructing special education groups of varying ages. Both work closely with their students one-on-one, and both needed a better way to track their students progress.

Enter Bright House. Bright house is a tool that allows educators to create virtual audits of their classrooms by doing one-on-one testing with their students. Instructors can create a profile for each student and create as many "decks" (as in flash cards) as they like. These decks can then be run through with the student in an oral exam format. The instructor gets to decide if the student got the answer to the card correct, and with a simple tap, this information is saved into the students profile. With this data, student progress can be tracked and observed quite easily. The instructor can even send emails to the parents of the students letting them know of their progress.

We hope to see Bright House making it easier for educators alike to track and improve the performance of their students.

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